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CAMI Safety Guidelines

  • Trailer Tandems must be slid to the rearmost position when you drop any trailer on a route listed in yellow below chart.



General Rules

  • Drivers MUST wear at all times - high visibility safety vest, safety glasses, and substantial footwear when entering a GM site. (some sites require steel toe shoes) . Based on the delivery area requirement, hard hats, safety sleeves, long pants, and hearing protection may be required. Finger rings may also need to be removed.

  • Any unconventional loading must be coordinated with GM dock personnel.

  • Foot traffic must yield to all trailers entering and exiting dock wells.

  • Never help spot another driver back in as it puts you in danger.

  • Drivers are not to move orange stop cone or activate dock doors.

  • All traffic must stop at secured check-in when exiting or entering the facility.

  • Drivers may only back into dock when light is GREEN or cone is removed.

  • Use of RF devices, cell phones, bluetooth, earbuds, radios etc., are not to be used while walking in or around the plant.

  • Driver is required use 4 ways flashers when backing up.

  • Trailer doors are to remain closed when moving rear tandems

  • No pets, no smoking, no unauthorized passengers, and no firearms or weapons allowed.

  • Rear axles/tandems must be locked in rear most position with pin engaged.

  • Drivers MUST open doors on flat surface near dock or chock tires prior to opening.

  • Drivers are to stay in designated Driver Waiting Areas at all times.  If a driver needs to leave the designated waiting area, contact GM Personnel to determine if additional safety equipment or escort is required.

  • Ensure load is secured prior to backing trailer into dock door.

  • Ensure rear bumper / impact guard is intact and engaged

  • Drivers will secure their own wheel chocks / jack stands and return when finished.

  • Exit areas are never to be blocked by carrier.

  • Notify GM personnel if wheel chocks are not available before unloading begins.

  • Traffic Rules.

  • Rearmost tires on BOTH sides of trailer must be chocked while at dock.
















Traffic Rules

  • Obey all posted speed limits and posted traffic signs

  • Drivers MUST never walk under trailer.

  • Emergency & Production Vehicles have right of way.

  • If unable to chock both sides, two rear tires on available side must be chocked.

  • Yield to smaller vehicles and pedestrians.

  • A single center-mount spreader beam style jack stand or two corner-post  jack stands are required to be utilized when trailer is dropped.

  • All Trailer doors MUST be closed & latched when in motion.

  • Do not travel behind vehicles that are in backing motion.

  • Jack stands must make contact with the underside of the trailer frame.

  • Trucks entering / departing dock doors or parking areas are to yield to Road traffic.

  • If a dropped trailer has an overhang of 1.8 meters (6 feet) or more from the trailers’ rear most axle, two additional jacks must be placed at the rear of the trailer.

  • Trailer landing gear must be fully up and not dragging on ground.

  • No one ALLOWED in cab or near tractor/trailer while loading is taking place.

  • Tractor Engines MUST be shut off to prevent fumes entering Plant.

  • For LIVE loads, Driver MUST surrender keys to designated drop off areas at docks.

  • Inspect Trailer for damage after load. Notify Dock Receivers if damaged.

Fluid Spill Procedure

In the event of a fluid spill on GM property, DO NOT move trailer. Notify on-site  security immediately. Remain at scene  until cleared by security. Notify your dispatch to report the incident to GM site logistics.

Contact Information

GM CAMI Security:      519-485-6400 ext 3200

Ryder Management:   519-425-3159



I                                              hereby acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to the safety protocols listed above. 

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